COTEC Network Architects


Save time and let us give you some guidance. Over 20 technicians at your service.

Knowledge about the material, its performance and possible applications can bring about new ideas, uses and projects to meet both your needs and your clients’. STRUGAL banks on innovation and creativity in its projects, and time undoubtedly acquires true value.

That is why we put at the disposal of architects, constructors and developers our network of Technical Consultants (COTEC) in Spain and Portugal. Our experts will collaborate with your Study and will give you their technical support, in such aspects as:

  • The most adequate materials to be used in your projects
  • Our extensive range of sections and references
  • Drafting carpentry reports
  • Bespoke solutions for your project
  • Energy rating estimates
  • On-site follow-up

cotec aluminium strugal

We invite you to have a first hand experience on our latest products and to make sure that your project is in full compliance with the C.T.E. requirements.

Our COTEC will also supply you with customized quotes and you can count on our qualified installers network, both for aluminium and PVC applications.

You can contact STRUGAL’s COTEC Network dialling 902 15 15 14.

If you have not registered yet, you can sign up and access our private area. You will shortly receive your assigned COTEC.